is the culmination of an established production company looking to expand its services and an editor and former business owner looking for an opportunity to upgrade. Walk it down a flight of stairs beneath a swanky crossroads art district restaurant…and just like us, you have arrived.

Working as an exclusive shop, 19 Below will help you find your way from script to screen, from paper to projection, and from our gallery to one of our HD edit suites. We consider ourselves a boutique both in service and style. Our creative talents range from conception, special effects and composite work, creative editorial, storytelling, motion graphics, design, 3D animation, color correction, HD broadcast finishing, and good times.

With latte in hand and lunch on the way you’ll be able to stay focused on your artistic vision, with only your cell phone to interrupt you.

Commercial work, web videos, documentaries, style pieces, corporate video or whatever else you dream up Team 19 will give your vision the mood, style and story that fits its purpose, audience, and of course you. And we’ll make it nothing but easy on you.